Anniversary Gemstone Chart

1 Gold Jewelry Fresh Water Pearl
2 Garnet Rose Quartz
3 Pearl Crystal
4 Blue Topaz Amethyst
5 Sapphire Turquoise
6 Amethyst Garnet
7 Onyx Copper, Lapis Lazuli
8 Tourmaline Aventurine, Bronze
9 Lapis Lazuli Tiger Eye
10 Diamond Onyx
11 Turquoise Hematite
12 Jade Agate, Pearl
13 Citrine Malachite, Moonstone
14 Opal Gold, Ivory, Moss Agate
15 Ruby Crystal, Watch
16 Peridot Aquamarine
17 Watch Amethyst, Citrine
18 Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl Opal
19 Aquamarine Topaz
20 Emerald Platinum
21 Iolite
22 Spinel
23 Imperial Topaz Sapphire
24 Tanzanite
25 Sterling Silver
30 Pearl Diamond, Jade
35 Emerald Coral, Jade
40 Ruby
45 Sapphire Alexandrite
50 Gold
55 Alexandrite Emerald
60 Diamond
65 Star Sapphire
75 Diamond

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